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Friday, December 14, 2012


My posts are not meant to make anyone look crazy but to make the public aware that the technology exist to make someone appear crazy. So many of the victims families do more harm by insisting that they take medication when in fact they do not need it. Remember that most mental illnesses do not appear magically when you are over forty. Depression and anxiety may but then again it could be the result of what they are experiencing.

The mental health organizations do not embrace these facts instead they go by the book and even if the patient does not meet all the criteria for mental illness they will be given medications.

Sleep deprivation is part of this system. The victim is kept awake by chatter and the perverts doing this try to create an issue that will allow them to make the victim feel inferior. They totally forget that the victim can feel their presence by the needle like pricks and burning in the private areas of their bodies, that photos are telling on the perverts. The victim has already given some information that these perverts will tell them. Sometimes it is something that nobody else knows and they want to see your reaction to their "great discovery". I laugh and try to get to back to sleep as I know these perverts are nothing but doing training at our expense. If they were looking for terrorist they would have more arrest and less programming to try to make you look delusional. For those who are not a victim this will not sound logical to you unless you do some research. Google: Neural monitoring, Sharon Weinberger, Julianne McKinney, Mind Control and Military experiments.
 So many victims complain about being attacked and awoken at the same time every night. The time seems to be 3:00am. I also am a victim of the frequent awakenings...mine start around 3:00am and then 4:00am and every hour at times. THIS IS PART OF THE SLEEP DEPRIVATION.