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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Woke Up @ 3:00 Again

Most people wake up without having Homeland Insecurity harassment. Most people are not subjected to sleep deprivation, rape, verbal harassment and mental harassment. Most people do not get threats made regarding their employment and family. I have heard and seen it all.  Before you think that I must be a terrorist; think again.  Our country has been under attack since 9-11. Not by AlQuida but by Homeland Security, Defense Department Intelligence, and NSA and other agencies. Just like Bush senior used the "War on Drugs" Bush Jr. (a chip off the old block) decided to create the "War on Terrorist". What he didn't tell you is that you are the target of that war along with the AlQuida. Victims of this terrible miscarriage of justice are abused by these agencies for years. I was woke up every morning at 3:00am and most mornings at 12:00, 3:00. 5:00 for over ten years. I and many other women are subjected to rape and images placed in our minds that are so perverted that many of the women have PTSD. This has been done to their young children. Many state that the children scream out and have nightmares as a result of this abuse.

We had hoped that when Obama was elected President that we would see a change. After all didn't he teach Constitutional Law? Didn't our Senators and soldiers take an oath to uphold the constitution? WHAT HAPPENED?  Have we become so paranoid that we are willing to resort to abusive tactics to gather intelligence even if there is no evidence of the person being involved in any terrorist or even drug dealings? Gosh, where will we be in ten more years? Will this become the method of trying people in the courts?
What about the damages to the skin and nervous system of the people who are subjected to this torture? What about their mental health and physical well being?

Our government including the Justice Department considers you and me collateral damage and continues to use Frankenstein methods. Speak up before your children and grandchildren have shorter life spans, mental illness and cancer because you kept silent.  This is not helping anyone it is the worst nightmare that you can live. If you ever get asked by the FBI or anyone in law enforcement questions regarding anyone you know; run run run as fast as you can because you just may tell the truth and become their "person of interest" and be placed int his system because you did not say what they wanted you to say. Sometime they like you to lie and when you don't they can't accept the truth and you become their patsy or target. Ask Agent Jimmy Russell and Woody Enderson about being someone's patsy.