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Thursday, November 01, 2012

 I noticed that after Homeland Security tries to place a vulgar vivid scene of sex in your mind that they then try to either threaten you or try to convince you of something stupid to see if you will go along. What a waste of our tax dollars. WHY WOULD THEY TRY TO CAUSE PTSD? MAYBE THE DRUG COMPANIES ARE FUNDING SOME OF THIS. So many people out of work and with hurricane SANDY THIS MONEY COULD BE PUT TO GOOD USE INSTEAD OF OUR GOVERNMENT funding illegal programs WHERE THEY CAN SUBJECT A PERSON TO QUESTIONING WITHOUT A LAWYER, TORTURE A PERSON WHEN THEY DON'T GET THE ANSWER OR THEY WANT TO CHANGE THE ANSWER YOU GIVE; EVEN IF IT IS THE TRUTH. These men and women often try to make you think that they are army or homeboys  WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN PLAY SILLY IMMATURE MIND GAMES WITH THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY.  I can't believe that  men who should be PROTECTING people  will instead place a vision of someone sucking a woman's boobs in a person's head. Surely they can get their jollies off another way. I awoke to being burned in the groin and they were so busy lying to me and trying to make me believe that I was in danger....A group of people taking turns going in circles with their back to me and shouting lies and threats.  Get real what nonsense!! Then they tried to convince me that Mickey was to blame. Save your threats and leave me alone. You are nothing short of misled mental midgets.  I hope they realize that what they are doing will become the norm in this country and that their children and our grandchildren will eventually live not in a country that is free and not as a person who can think for themselves. This program will make people act like robots if it doesn't destroy them first. This is a mental and physical abuse program that uses military technology to torture and to mimic different forms of torture such as punching, blinding, beating, rape and verbal abuse. Think about this why would the Justice Department fund organizations that treat and house abused women when they are doing the same thing to women? What hypocrites they are and why did we need the FBI to get more powers when they have run amok with the powers they have. If you watch the hearings when the FBI has done something you can see they are guilty but the cowards in the senate will continue to allow them to lie when they are questioned about the abuses and mistakes.  The increase in mental illness in the military and in this country can be directly blamed on this program and Homeland Security, FBI and other intelligence agencies.  They are making money now but someday when money doesn't matter they will have to live with the damage they have done to the people in this country and they will have to live with the fact that they destroyed our constitution and made a mockery of freedom. When you think that our military took an oath along with our senators and president to uphold the constitution then mocked it as nobody could begin to imagine is nothing short of domestic terrorism done by those who pretend to be doing this to catch terrorist. We are not safe with this technology we have never been more in danger. It won't be the Bin Laden's that destroy America it will be those who pretend to be patriotic and those who can't get it that patriotism is not those who silence people but those who speak out against the abuse and torture in this country. Where is our real military and why aren't they protecting us?
Those who remember when Kent State students were massacred will be shocked at how many victims are being abused not for what they have done but to  see if they did anything, not because they are terrorist but because they are dissidents. They use EMF and radio frequencies that cause cancer and they know it and don't care UNTIL IT BECOMES ONE OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS.