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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stop Non-Consensual Testing on Humans

Prong marks around belly button, back and stomach. There is a swelling where these marks are. Our Defense Department and other intelligence (oxy moron) have no respect for anyone not even themselves. Men and women who illegally experiment or torture other human beings have serious mental issues. It is not the people they target with these weapons and experiments that have mental issues; it is the people who believe that doing mind games and torturing humans just because they can't be seen that are nuts.

Today I contacted my senator. I will see if anything is done. I want an investigation into the misuse of these programs just as the Church Committee did int he 60's or 70's except this time I want accountability. They just shoved the non consensual testing further under the rug but did not stop then. It is time that our government hold these men and women responsible for the damages to our health. If we were in an accident we could sue but they steal all they can from you and suing the Defense Department is difficult but exposing them has begun by the Washington Post. Unfortunately they just skate across the real issues and try to make anyone who speaks out look like they are delusional.

Where is our human rights and why aren't the people in charge of human rights doing something about this?