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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Stop the Harassment

This is a game of zap you in the brain, block out your train of thought and try to get you to think something.  It is the Homeland Security and the Defense Department, NSA playing Frankenstein while they continue to try to get you to forget what you know or to change you.  You understand that these men and women are responsible for getting me to gather evidence and to listen in on conversations where I had no business listening and all the while placing me in danger without any regard to my innocence. They told me I would be placed under protection, compensated but instead they tried to use the direct energy and low frequencies to make me look like I had mental issues. I was a lucky one...they did not accomplish that part but they have silenced me when they knew I knew the truth about a terrorist. Now they try to tell me that the detectives involved were corrupted. This is not true. Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement and the FBI had time to correct their mistakes. I want my tapes back. I could take them to someone who could do something. I can ask my Senator to get the tapes. After all I do not deserve to be sexually assaulted, zapped in the head, simulated gunshot to the head and all the years of burns and internal injuries not to mention the knee they damaged.