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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Please Support the Targets of Intelligence or lack of

I have been home about two weeks from the hospital. When I was there I had a potassium deficiency along with dbl pneumonia. My nights are getting up two or three times with a full bladder when I barely have been drinking anything. This is what led to the potassium deficiency. Two nights ago I saw the red lines going across the wall.

When our Defense Department and Intelligence is allowed to destroy the citizens of this countries health and peace of mind then it is time for the people to speak out against tactics that resemble those of the mad scientist of Hitlers world.

What they want most is to make you believe that the targets are either mentally ill, dangerous and need this monitoring but the truth is they are experimenting on us to develop mind control or neural monitoring in the hopes that they can change what we speak or what we think. Often they will insert in our minds.  I may be thinking about a dog and they will clunk my brain and change the thought to maybe a cat or a person. This scientific testing is at our expense with no way out and no medical treatment for the damages we incur in our bodies.

There is people writing to congress, the president to no avail because we are but collateral damage to the defense department and Homeland Security. The Justice Department lies about these damages and the use of this technology.