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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Many of the victims report that they inhale but that it is a forced action and not a normal function as we know it. They also report that they often feel like they swallowed a bug or nat. Some time ago I read an article about the Navy odor program and recently it was announced in the news that certain odors will intensify dreams.

During my travels I would notice some agents that I knew and they would be following me from state to state. Most of them I let know I recognized them. Once I pulled all my fuses out of the car and a red car pulled in front twinkling lights and trying to turn something on in my vehicle. The reason I went to a rest stop to begin with was that I had a hotel room and saw the smoke detector turning red and green. Then I saw a black object sticking up and decided that I may as well go where I might get rest. Today I would ignore this because I know that these men and women are corrupted or they were led to believe something that was not true. I have had my house entered without my consent during the time the Patriot Act allowed these poor excuse for agents to enter without warrants. Some people had things stolen, some women had underwear stolen or cut in pieces. There is nothing about this that is legal. Going into my home did not bother me but breaking things that I cared about did. This is still going on today. The secrecy surrounding the use of the Lida machine, active denial weapons system and other military weapons is slowly coming out. In time these people like myself who write about this will be vindicated because the people who do not get this on the local news or read about this will know it is true. The backlash this will bring will be like it was in the 60's.

They can't keep this secret much longer. The use of the weapons to make people they target appear to be unstable is already out there. They use it for crowd control. Some of this is used at airports. Unfortunately to use this against human beings int heir own homes or at their employment or to go door to door destroying a persons reputation is what people and agents who are corrupt do when they have no evidence on the targeted person. If they are allowed to profile people and then to destroy them without evidence then America has become the new South Korea, Iran and Iraq.