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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Your tax dollars at work

Every victim of Homeland Insecurity and the Defense Department that gets the bullying hears a program designed to cause stress or PTSD. For instance my perpetrators raped me several times while using a detectives phrases that I knew. One of the phrases was that I was a Baskett case, another was that they were up to devilment. Devilment was a phrase that the detective used when someone was up to something. They constantly try to get me to say that the detective was corrupted when all the while they were the corrupt people involved. The bimbos involved or women are no better than the men when it comes to sexual harassment. Amazing that grown men and women have so little pride in themselves or their country. Instead our Justice Department provides grants to domestic violence agencies while perpetrating the same power and control wheel that an abuser uses against their victim. The only difference id they hid their faces and they do their devilment with direct energy weapons and the active denial weapons. They will use heat on your groin or sex organs to get you to comply or even if you are just trying to watch television they want to get your attention by subjecting you to zaps, bruises and burns. I have been a victim of this for over ten years so I know that they are not looking for information and they are well aware that I am not a terrorist or a threat to anyone. I can only assume that these are sick men and women who are using citizens in this country as target practice. What a shame our government sponsors grants for victims of violence while perpetrating the same hate crimes and violence against us.