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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

See the above story for an eye opening regarding your civil liberties.
Last night was another adventure led by the Homeland Security so called intelligence. It was the burning in the groin (pin pricks) while they played a fascinating porn and tried again to 1. scare tactics 2. lets see if we can change her mind about what she knows and what we want her to say. All baloney...these poor excuse for patriots are just another example of our military intelligence (oxymoron) and other intelligence agencies trying to control us and alter our beliefs etc. By the way lately they are talking about Obama that they want to destroy along with our votes and freedoms. While I am certainly disgusted with the FBI and their so called intelligence program I believe it is none of their damn business who I vote for or when I vote. The FBI seem to think they own us. They never did anything to help me and they covered up for their mistakes by lying about me. Hey, I heard Jimmy Russell was working in Atlanta... Beware he is not to be trusted. He lied about me. He tried to say I knew Rudolph knowing damn well I did not know Rudolph and he quoted in a book statements that were made to me by someone else and he put them on Rudolph. While Rudolph may have said them and this person may have taken credit for them I can assure you they did nothing even with everything on tape to get to the truth. They were content to cover up by trying to make me their scapegoat. I wonder what these aholes will try to do tonight. While I am on this subject I think someone should question the FBI about tapes that were turned over to them that may have been important. (I just heard kiss my ass) Oh well, another game another day. I am tired of the pain they delibertly cause and I am NOT changing my mind and I am not in need of a babysitter (as they state) I am not wanting to speak to these crooks and I am not afraid of people who threaten me regardless of what they threaten me about.

I would like to remind everyone that not all agents are corrupted, that there are decent intelligence and military people. That it is the few who act in the manner that I saw in the mountains of NC that show me that we can't trust them to tell the truth, we can't trust them not to make their own special cases based upon lies, we can't trust them to protect us and worse; we can't wait for them to get over their personal opinions and attitudes when people's lives are at risk. I did what I thought was right and they raped me and simulated a gunshot to my head and last night it was the gun fired from a distance that was supposed to scare me. Get over it and move on to someone else. Ten years of torture is enough and I haven't backed down or changed my mind.
The night is young and already they think they can train me by burning me when I write something they want silenced. See they pulse the side of my head and they just burned my leg. They are the idiots of the world. If they were really interested in anything but torture they would have searched for the lost tapes turned over to them and they would have done some on the ground basic intelligence gathering and maybe Alabama would never have happened. They know exactly what I mean.