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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The previous link is to send the reader to a better description of these weapons.

What IF

What if in the process of neural monitoring and with the monitoring comes the interrogation. With the interrogation comes the torture....suppose they attack us in our sleep and that is the reason we all seem to have to get up at the same time every night to use the bathroom (is the technology using a part of the body such as the kidney or the heart? What if all the injuries are intended to teach either us a lesson or them (soldiers or intelligence being trained) a lesson? What if we would be in good health, good teeth, if it weren't for us being targets of the Defense Department or Homeland Insecurity? What if FBI, ATF and other law enforcement could put anyone int his system without justification? What if it was just to build a file on you and then they would take your jobs, homes and reduce you to nothing so that they could get you to do the things they wanted you to do. Most targets had good jobs, husbands, families until they became targets. Only a few have families who stand up for them. Most of the time when targets tell someone what is going on the family or the police take them for a mental exam...the target tells the truth and then gets placed on medication they do not need and the tax payer gets the bill.

What if the good law enforcement spoke up against this practice and then it was stopped. Imagine thousand of Americans living once again without the EMF helmet that they wear and having a normal life.

What if the bastards that do this became the targets?