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Friday, September 21, 2012

One of the problems with the people who are using this technology is that they are covering their butts by making sane innocent people appear to be insane and guilty. They try to convince those in the system that they have mental health issues when they don’t. THEY KEEP YOU AWAKE BY MAKING YOU URINATE DURING THE NIGHT AS THIS TECHNOLOGY POSSIBLY IS DAMAGING YOUR KIDNEYS AND OTHER ORGANS. The people are more than likely Homeland Security, NSA and other government agencies including drug enforcement.  You can ask yourself why the United States would use invasive methods such as is being used and they may even convince you that it is related to National Security. I have seen this technology used against a four-year-old child, seven-year-old child and an Autistic child. Don’t be fooled by drones that seek victims out both inside their homes and outside. POWER is all they seek.

If these are soldiers then they should protect the people because they soon will be one of us. If they are government agencies they are violating our rights and ignoring the Constitution that brings us to the reasons people violate others rights…POWER.
PROBLEM: Both candidates are power hungry and will continue to pass Bills with total disregard to human rights and liberties.