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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homeland Security unethical behavior

The most amazing thing happened last night. I felt as though I was unable to move and different scenes were placed in my mind. When I did wake up completely I went to the window and saw a yellow moon like light and in the front of my house a white moon, and a satellite. There was so much traffic for that time of the morning and I saw a tractor trailer pull out. I could feel the impact on my body of the technology. I felt dizzy and my head was swirling. They repeated over and over this is the Defense Department who did this to you.

It was a continuation of trying to make me think one of their lies was true. They wanted me to believe their propaganda regarding the Olympic Park Bombing and some trash about a detective whom they were blaming for everything. I was threatened repeatedly. This is misuse of weapons and technology. They also wanted me to think this was how they raped me. That was not true. I was awake and I was watching TV and could not move. The time was 11:30 at night and it was in October.

I am tired of these threats from men in uniforms with a patch on their sleeves.