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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wake Up America and Take Back Your Rights

The abuse that victims or TI's are subjected to is possibly weapons testing that includes torture done by weapons that can't be seen. I think the use of satellites and computers are just part of it. Most victims have been subjected to burns and rape. These are common torture methods done by military. BUT imagine if the soldiers or agents could do these things and they would not be seen and identified. If they can play with your mind 24/7 then they eventually will harm you. WORSE this is used by our Justice Department, FBI and DEA, ATF. We have long known that giving power to those who can't handle it responsibly is one of the worst ideas that ever came about. We have seen the mistakes the CIA has made that cost us lives and liberty. This is going on now on a much greater scale.  I will post a photo of the latest burns and if I am harassed then I will make this an adult blog and post the images of the sexual harassment. So now is the policy going to be it is okay to rape and burn people of interest just to gather information even without evidence of guilt? Is the military going to use this technology to interrogate the POW's and claim we don't abuse POW's. If it is in the mind or some with weapons that can't be seen it is still torture. If it is done while asleep and victims wake up and find burns and injuries then it is still torture and under the Geneva Convention not allowed. The TI's are protected by the constitution and any information the perpetrators receive should be called "tainted". This is the new method of investigation? Get off your butts and do your jobs as you were supposedly trained. Get the truth without harming others. If you are a soldier you should be protecting others. If you are law enforcement you are violating our civil liberties. If you are just testing and experimenting then you violated the Nuremberg Code. Anyway you put it you are unethical and if this type of interrogation is going to remain in place (after all we now have a war on drugs and terrorist) then the jails will be empty because the evidence is useless.