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Friday, August 17, 2012

Subliminal Harassment

Here we go again with the subliminal harassment that is done on a nightly basis to get me to stay silent. This is what they do to victims of their program that is done with lights via satellites. Imagine controlling citizens as a means to allow WHAT THEY WANT. The program goes like this: they threaten you when you recognize that they are violating your rights and privacy. They will tell you all types of things. For me it is I am in danger (lie) I will get arrested (lie) I should not be seen or call attention to myself because I am in danger...bla bla. All of it is BULLCRAP all of it is designed to keep me quiet. Sometimes they try the money game and say that some state, county or agency has X amount of money for me....BULLCRAP once again. No state or agency has any money for me to tell on someone. I am not interested in money to tell on anyone and the whole scenario is yet another lie or maybe reverse psychology to silence me again. This program led by misled Frankensteins and paid for by Homeland Insecurity is a joke. Sad that the joke is on the American people who are subjected to their bullcrap. Of course this program is used in other countries and may have been sold to China by Robert Hanson the FBI spy now in prison. Oh well these are evil people doing unethical subliminal games.  If you are in the military  and have children be careful...they like to play with children. By the way I learned the word BULLCRAP from agents in the woods of Swain County, NC. When you realize that you have a light in your face and that something heavy is on your head this is the Frankenstein monsters trying to platy a head game with you. Of course they tell you they are only helping you but the truth is they are either trying to get information, silence information or manipulate your mind so that some corrupted FBI agent won't get challenged on the information that he kept from an investigation. This is the new investigative tool that our federal government is using to gather a file on you. Now, Obama says they are only allowed to keep a file for five years but I guess he forgot to tell them that they were not allowed to continue to harass you and experiment on you for ten years. My harassment began with being followed across country by federal agents that I recognized from an investigation they were doing on someone that I knew. Then they let this person go (money goes a long way or maybe friendship or ignorance) and they targeted me with the weapons of Homeland Insecurity and decided to try to make me look like everything I knew to be true was a lie, fantasy or imagination. They destroyed the tapes that they had and said they never got any tapes...paperwork shows otherwise. Then for years they have raped, sexually assaulted me, mimicked a gunshot to my head, burned me (marks and scars to prove it) and now subliminal garbage to silence me or to change me. Save me from this nonsense. No history of mental illness but they sure would like to create one or make people around me think I have one. Jackasses of the world. Shame on them!!!!