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Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Intelligence Agencies At Work

Well it was inevitable that the perpetrators of this program would resort to something ignorant and immoral. They placed the image of a man and me in a restaurant and the man laid back and wanted me to play with him...I let them know I saw them and I was aware that it was a group of impudent men who wanted to get their rocks off at my expense. Then they tried to question me. For some reason these assholes think that you can sexually assault someone and they will answer their questions or they can manipulate your mind. It is the barbaric thinking that "Men can control you with sex" this is what they told me back in 2002. So as they do this they use the technology to play with your privates and you can see who is doing it just by taking a photo of the area they are playing with. It isn't enough that they use our tax-dollars for prostitutes they now want to use our tax-dollars to play with women and even small children. If you oppose the use of tax-dollars for law enforcement and secret service then speak up now because that is what they are doing.

So went last night. Earlier I had seen a white suv parked in our driveway and when they realized I saw them they left. Was this the perps? I don't know but the car did not belong there.