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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homeland Security and the NSA

Imagine giving a friend a ride to pick up a prescription and the following day asking about a certain prescription that you thought she had. Then you figure it out...there was no was put in your head as part of the Homeland Security Mind Control Program. This is just one example of the games these agents play with the victims of this program. These agents use sex as part of their games and in fact you get to see things that are disgusting because they like to do disgusting things. Now imagine that your seven-year-old daughter is being manipulated in the same manner. In fact she screams out in the middle of the night, you grab a camera, and the signs of the program are on her. What has she done to anyone to deserve to be sexually assaulted or mind manipulated? Nothing!!!! Then when you discover what they are doing they start the threats of arrest, rape, and destroying your job or vehicles. Homeland Insecurity is using this evil program on people. You tell someone and they don't believe it because they don't yet have this technology on them and thus you alienate your friends and family. While this program may have begun by the Republicans it is continued by the Obama Administration under the pretense of the "war on drugs" or the "war on terrorism". Laugh because it is funny that they attack Americans with this program that do not use, sell, or want anything to do with drugs and they certainly are not terrorist. I believe that these people should be alcoholics, drug users and if they are not then they have mental illness because only an insane person would do or say the things that victims here or see. Maybe this is what they do when they want you to believe that you imagined something about a case that the FBI doesn't want you to remember. If they can say they accomplished this task then they can say that ten years earlier when you were not in this program that what you heard or saw was them plantuing it in your head. Maybe they will plant evidence in your head so that you can testify for them or take away evidence like I stated earlier so that they can say it never happened. This is their program of JUSTICE. There is no Bill of Rights if they accomplish all of this; they can't be trusted.