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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I can call file a complaint with my Senator

Twelve years ago I provided evidence in a terrorist case to local detectives. They turned it over to the FBI. Since that time I have been raped, mock execution and tortured by this government. Not for what I did wrong but for what the South East Bomb Task Force did wrong. Last night they kept me up by targeting my kidneys. These are NOT honest agents and they do not want to stop terrorist...if they did they would not have done the things they did to me. I DO NOT DO DRUGS...DO NOT SUPPORT ANYONE WHO DOES DRUGS...I AM NO THREAT TO ANYONE...THEY ARE!!!!!!

The cover up should be investigated. The agents covered up everything and placed the blame on me.....In the cover up they denied ever seeing the tapes...then they stated the tapes were conversations between me and them....not true....the tapes had nothing to do with them. If I am going to be neural monitored..then I am going to get this story out to the media....One of the agents provided an author of a book about the subject quotes from the person in jail (rightfully so) but the quotes were told to me and on the tapes by someone else.

If they want me to be quiet then they should have left me alone...not tried ( I say tried) to make me look crazy with the active denial directed energy weapons. They should not have told lies to people as part of their cover up and they should not let me believe they were protecting me..... They know the truth is out there....

Why am I writing this? Not because I want to but because it is a means for me to let them know that keeping me awake and depriving me of sleep will not shut me up.  LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!