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Monday, July 09, 2012

Swirling on the Ceiling

Just a few minutes ago these government whores had so much energy in this room that you could see the swirling of it on the ceiling and they sounded like jackasses as they threatened to make me look crazy if I did not do what they wanted. Imagine our Justice Department and law enforcement along with so called intelligence agents acting like rapist and pedophiles just to get information or to silence someone? Gee what happened to the REAL men and women who did their jobs with dignity and integrity? You might wonder why there is no respect for law enforcement  when the head of the Justice Department cries executive privilege when he is asked questions by congress and he is charged with Contempt but wait the Justice Department police their own and they (Justice Department) will not file the charges. What is going on in America when the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies are accountable to nobody and the citizens are raped, burned and have mock executions without any justice or reason. If this is the method to gather information then America is in trouble. No longer do they have the right to a lawyer because this system is able to gather information without the person's knowledge. THE HARASSMENT BY THESE FAT OLD MEN is unjustified and the rapes become just another way for them to get their jollies off at the expense of the people.
So call me crazy...if what they are doing is normal then I'd rather be called crazy than be a rapist. The man has stated that he is busting me for who I am. I think he is scum or maybe just a renegade cop.