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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Below is from a request to a former military intelligence for information regarding lesions and burns on the skin.
Suspected infrared lasers will burn the flesh to a depth of about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch, over a circumference of about 3/4's of an inch. They look like a rug burns, initially, which suddenly appear when you're engaged in no physical activity in the "peace and quiet" of your own home -- like sitting and reading, perhaps. The burns quickly become very painful, and they take about five weeks to heal, forming very thick, deep scabs during the healing process.
Suspected highly-focused microwave targeting of the face with the intent of shattering teeth over a long-term period of several weeks will succeed not only in splitting tooth roots, but, also, will leave a large brown discolorations on the cheek (about the size of a dime or a nickel) directly over the site of the damaged teeth. Rather like melanin run amok. That's on the epidermis. The process will also cause severe (almost gangrenous) deterioration of the interior cheek and of the gum being targeted, which takes a considerable period of time to heal.
Lighter brown skin discolorations on the forehead and temple regions, when the intense focus of electromagnetic frequencies is meant to knock you unconscious.
Suspected photon burns of the flesh (the burns always come in pairs), which trigger histamine releases (causing massive itching), and which, under a magnifying glass, appear distinctly as tiny, pin-prick-size flesh burns.
This is to get you started.

Last night I verbally defended myself against the people who use the mind control program. Of course they sell this to the public as national security but the real purpose is not just to gather data on you but to try to control you. When they fail they physically harm you. Last night they hit my knee as I watched the circles on my ceiling. I took a picture and amidst the dark area and the blood circle there was an image of an angry man blowing something. The real terrorist in this country is sponsored by Homeland Insecurity but they let the people think it is people like the man who shot everyone in the theatre. They are not looking out for you.  I will post photos as soon as I get a camera cord to transfer the pics.  The man was balding on top with darker hair on the sides and glasses. Amazing they violate your rights and then keep you awake and they use their toys because they fail at their mission to get you to think what they want you to think. This is a program of behaviour modification but it uses torture as the means to get you to do what they want. DO NOT LISTEN OR DO WHAT THEY WANT. They can't be trusted to tel you anything. Is it all agents? Of course not. We know some really are out there to do what they get paid for. They want to catch the bad guy not silence the good.