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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I swore this blog would be about information but once in a while Homeland Security and their technology plays havoc with me. Last night was one of those days...besides the pulsing of my private area and rectum they have decided to just cause pain. They also managed to try to put me in a sexual situation with two guys...they failed I stopped it by getting up and just laughing at their impudence and ignorance. I got some great pics though. I went to the bathroom and aimed my camera at the floor and low and behold the image of an angry man appeared with white streaks fling from his mouth.  Gee, us old women and children sure are a danger to society. It would have been better if they looked at the man who just opened fire in the theatre. Maybe the program is really not about catching terrorist. The other thought is that if they gather information regarding a cold case or something then why do they keep the information silent instead of supporting the local police?