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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We need another Church Committee and Investigation

Once again around 1:15 this morning the perverted minds of our Defense Department, Homeland Insecurity and the NSA tried to plant something in my mind to get me to believe that I was being gang raped. I recall thinking I just wanted to scratch the person to leave DNA and then I thought I will tell on them. This mind control program is targeting me because I know the truth about the FBI who tried to make me look crazy by denying that any tapes existed that would imply that Eric Rudolph had some support. If they had listened to the tapes, cleaned them up as they stated they would and copied them then they would not have had to make me look like I was lying and they may even have prevented Alabama. Instead they think they can control me if they can traumatize me with these images. I went to the bathroom took several photos of my private area and it is amazing what you can get on film when these sick demented men and women do these things. I hope anyone who is a target will do the same and we can get this to the public. This is just another Justice Department cover up.

If you believe that you are being targeted by any of these agencies please go to Mind Control Justice and read Eldon Byrds interview with Cheryl. She is now a lawyer and I wish her success in her career and thank her for her courage.