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Sunday, June 24, 2012

No You Won't Control Me With Sex!!!!

We have a larger battle that worrying about terrorist. We now have to worry about Federal Law Enforcement and the NSA and Homeland Security using military weapons to subdue witnesses and whistle blowers. Most of the victims of the CIA program have a connection to the military and some are known drug users or dealers. I can blow the whistle and they know it.

Many years ago I spoke with a young lady from NY who had been a target of the mind control or behavior modification program that our CIA is so famous for and the military that implements this program. She was a young Jewish girl who traveled abroad. She told me that they spent years trying to make her think of naked small children. First every chance they got they made double meanings of words or images and eventually she broke down with a fear that they were making her a pedophile.

For me in the beginning I was told that I would be controlled with sex. Now they have tried to do the same with me. I am aware that they are doing this and I am going to the public with the program and the evidence that it exist. There are too many people out there getting harmed.

This morning I have a lesion just below my belly button. I do not know how it got there.  One lady is sending her report to her NC Senator via a detective to make sure it arrives. I hope it does. My Senator lost my first set of records.

We all know the Justice Department is under fire for the Fast and Furious program. I believe they support this program also.

What a shame that America has such traitors to our Constitution in high places where they can approve of this horrific program. I believe innocent whistle blowers are tortured with this program.