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Thursday, June 28, 2012

July fourth is here but there is no Independence Day for those who are targets of our government

To me the use of military technology and weapons to brain fingerprint or to brain map a person is an admitting that they do not have the skills to operate within the Constitution of the United States. Instead of scaring and sexually assaulting as a means to gather information, it would be better to train this Federal law enforcement to gather evidence by legal methods. This system of abuse is used for years in an effort to justify the use of these weapons. If you are not mentally ill or have PTSD when they start then they want to make you have the appearance just so they can go home and sleep with a clear conscience. I have said it before they are not chosen for what they have but for what is missing.

For instance, it is standard procedure to make a victim appear delusional. I met a woman who obviously is a target. She is able to see images while she is wide-awake. She thinks these are hallucinations. She believes she was delusional at times as she saw a person standing at the foot of her bed. I explained to her that it is only holograms and to ignore the intruder.

I am aware that sometimes this sounds unbelievable. I have trouble believing some of the stories I have been told. I think that is why there is not a public outcry over these abuses of power and people. This is real and if the people do not speak out then what will happen is everyone will be targets. We all know that the Defense Department wants free guinea pigs to work with and the CIA programs are being introduced to all aspects of intelligence gathering even at the risk of physical, mental, and emotional damage.