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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Does It Ever Stop?

Once again I was targeted with directed energy weapons and assaulted. I was watching TV last night when I noticed a small red light outside my porch. It was exactly what looks like the spy technology. If you scroll down you will see the article that I wrote about the TV program where the spy drone was over Harry's Law character Harry and she shot it down...the FBI showed up and she took the issue of spying to court. This isn't National Security this is experimenting with my mind and trying to change any small thing they can. They do this by threats and physical pain along with rape and sexual assaults. These people are very sick and the whole purpose is to "change" you. Of course they tell me I am in danger....sometimes from the local drug enforcement...I have nothing to do with drugs except to council some young women who have drug issues. I don't use drugs and I certainly do not sell them.  Then it is from dealers they tell me or it is from someone Rudolph knew. Give me a break this is just bull crap. If I am in danger from anyone the FBI owes it to me or anyone to tell them in person and not by the use of remote communication....these people just like playing with women. These are small minded people playing with toys and calling it National Security or it is Homeland Security playing with our lives. If this is the NEW method that is supposed to stop terrorist then it is terrorist stopping innocent citizens young and old and this country is and always has been better than that.

We all know that the CIA has done horrific things to people in other countries but is it possible we have been attacked here in this country? Let us not forget the last administrations idea of upholding the Constitution and must we endure another four years before people wake up and speak out against this blatant abuse of citizens in this country. Isn't it time there was rules and laws against rape with this technology that will hold up in court and make these people accountable?

Please take a moment and send an email to your Senators and ask them to police the people who are using directed energy weapons, microwaves and low frequencies so that America is really safe.