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Friday, June 15, 2012

Did you say speak?

Each time the military intelligence try to make me think that I am playing with myself it is to make me say something. So here goes. Why would the Rudolph Task Force or Agent Jimmy Russell of the FBI cover up that Rudolph had either told someone his plans prior to the Atlanta Bombing or that person helped in some manner to do the bombing?  Not only that Russell made a big big issue on the news that Rudolph acted alone. I believe there may have been a cover up. I have been targeted to hide the truth. Each time my mind is being manipulated and I wake up to realize how sick this program and these mental midgets are I will post the truth about them. if this is just a conspiracy theory then why the elaborate hoax to quiet me before Rudolph went to trial? Why? Because the evidence was destroyed by agents or they failed to even listen to the person who was on the tapes. Year after year they have tried to subliminally tell me I fantasized, imagined or I lied. They need to take a look at the agents who followed me from NC to Wyoming and ask them why they wasted the money.

 By the way I have been threatened to keep my mouth shut and if I didn't I would be on a death list.  I think the death list is a joke and threats are just empty threats. Give me a break!!! Leave me alone as I am sick to death of this ignorant program that our government is trying to conceal from the general public. I believe Eric Holden needs to resign because there is no justice with secrets and cover ups. If they want prostitutes then let them pay for them with their money on their time. The VISA cards have been free entertainment long enough.

When we give people without integrity and ethics power we can only expect them to use the power in an evil way.....