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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Control is just in their minds

It is very apparent that our senators and Justice Department are keeping secrets about the experiments and training that is going on. First they try to plant a vision in your mind of a sexual nature then they try to make you think that it is a memory and then they try to either get you to do something or they try to get in a conversation where the game is to change your thinking. Last night they used a blow job, a sexual act and then threats and once again denial of what they did to you. They often bring up money and tell you that it is owed to you. This is just to get a response.....they have no intention of paying for medical treatment or damages they inflict on you. The chatter is just a round on nonsense and ofter at a five year old level. The incompetence is noted and I drift off to sleep. These are real idiots and the program is one that America does not need. It tries to take away your freedom of speech, freedom of will and freedoms to choose what you want to do with your life. It causes people to lose employment friends and family. The people doing this are not trying to stop any crimes or even resolve them. The information they get is useless because it goes no further than a computer and then is used as a means to program you. It may be their experiment in behavior modification but if rape and sexual assaults on women and children is their way of gaining control to change you then it is a failure. Once a person is raped the perpetrator has no power over the victim. He only had the power to do the rape and the victim will never listen or believe anything the rapist has to say. They have fooled themselves into thinking that rape should be part of military torture or any other torture. The women have burns on their vagina's from the technology and often they are subjected to other physical harm because the rapist is unable to gain any satisfaction from the rape. Maybe the military have gone in the wrong direction by listening to old men and women who are impudent so sex becomes forefront in their minds. Maybe the memories they try to create are wishful thinking.