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Saturday, May 19, 2012

They wanted me to take the blame for what they did...I am not doing it.

For those who are not victims this may make little sense. It may make little sense to those who were not involved or know the truth. It almost reads like a ramble. I have left out details and this may make it difficult to understand. Just know this...these men and women are using these weapons and technology to make nice people do things that are not nice.  Keep in mind that the events that I am writing about took place over several hours. They had kept me awake for at least three days. They pretended to be protecting me but instead they were just playing the mind game.  I was not their enemy but what I have learned is that I was a target of corruption and stupidity. I am only one of the victims but there are thousands. I had 640 names of victims alone and there are many others who have more names on their list. These people are being subjected to torture via radio frequencies and EMF.  I ask you if this is the method that should be used to gather information?  I was led to believe that I was being taken into custody for my protection...I should have known better because they used phrases like we are taking you to Disney Land...this was said at the beginning of the exercise before I realized that I wasn't being protected. They stole a tape from me that was at my sisters where I had been offered protection and I declined it. I never felt that I needed to be protected by anyone. This tape disappeared one night when nobody was home. 

I look at all the conspiracy theories out there and I wonder if the people who speak out about the JFK or 9-11 get the punishment that I do. I think someone was afraid of what I would say and had they questioned me they would not have been afraid. They would have known the truth without neural monitoring or brain mapping. It is a shame that they had no integrity. They lied to the public about the Olympic Park Bombing and they knew I had the truth. Otherwise they would not have destroyed me.  Those tapes should be in their possession and they could have reviewed them instead of doing what they did to me.  I moved on to work as an Executive Director in a social agency....what did they move on to? This is not meant as harassment this is meant to tell you that after ten years I have burns and injuries to my private area and I am still being burned and have scars and new lesions everyday. I am tired of corruption and I want to take my information public because it is the only way to stop this from becoming their norm. For years I was tortured as a means to silence me and as a way to try to discredit me......I am telling the truth and the only people who should be discredited is the men and women who participated in these barbaric acts...regardless of their reasons.

It was another night of harassment verbal and physical. This time they wanted me to remember what they did to me up in the mountains of NC, Using this technology they had me go behind my tent and pretend to be urinating while they got their jollies off over the ability to do this. I do not know how this technology or these weapons work just that there are too many people who have similar stories like mine for the public to ignore that it is happening. Last night they tried to place the blame on me for this incident by having me think I was standing in the middle of the street with my pants down…I had to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. They then used so much of the radio frequencies that I could see the air moving in my room. I took photos and as soon as I find my camera cord, I will download to this website. The other issue is that when I use my cell phone close to my ears it burns my face and hand. I called the phone company and they had no records to show that this make and model has a history of problems but I have been given a service number to get it checked out.
It is amazing that we are able to see their images sitting in front of their computers with headphones when they do this. Sometimes they wear a mask. I guess when you are raping women or children you do not want to be seen.
I did not commit a crime I just wanted to save Federal Agents from being harmed and I taped someone and became the target of a cruel and inhumane joke. The Swain Count Sheriff at that time was in on this barbaric act. Later he was accused of mishandling funds. It is sad that the truth seems to harm me more than them. They tried to wreck my life by making me appear to be mentally ill….by the way they brought that up this morning and stated that I needed to get this off here because of privacy issues…another lie and another attempt at psycho jumbo garbage. There is no issue here and they know this. They just want to see if they can make me do it. The sexual assaults continue under this administration and the photos get more vivid. There seems to be white lines that have no beginning but end up in the area where they target. I still wake up with blood on my underwear or on my shirts between my shoulders. So if I can give any advice to anyone in this program it is this: ignore what they say to you…it has no meaning to them…it is just verbal garbage meant to get you to do what they tell you. I often say that the victims who get diagnosed as having a delusional moment are victims that the delusions aren’t what you have done but that you tell them to people and expect them to believe that our own Defense Department and Justice Department along with Homeland Insecurity are doing this and that our senators are funding this. It is like you are under hypnosis…you know what they say or tell you to do is off the wall but you follow their orders and then after you look crazy they have discredited you and can proceed. Once you try to explain it then you sound delusional. They told that I was going through garbage cans. Where I was had no garbage can, I had money in my purse and had no reason to go through garbage cans. They told that my dog attacked a deputy. By the way, this same deputy removed the dog from the van and commented about how nice he was. If this happens to you,…get a copy of any records and take the bastards to court….I did not have the finances but my lawyer said I had a good case. By the way, they would not allow me to call my lawyer or family when they took me in the van. They put my dog in a shelter where I had to pay over $200 to get her back. If they want to chat all night, I will chat all day and place all the records on this blog to support my statements. What do they have ? They have allowed a possible terrorist to go free and protected him. They have used everything on the tapes and told these statements as if they were Rudolph’s. They probably were because the man who made them knew Rudolph. I want to remind anyone reading a blog that I support our honest agents and law enforcement. They take risks to protect us. I just ran into agents who were stupid and ignorant. Agents who needed to silence me. Reading what I gave him or her that was said by another person prior to the bombing just makes me sick. It is possible that the last bombing could have been prevented if they had done good police work. Another night like last night and I will place the evidence on this blog. 

I expect them to do something else underhanded to continue to try to discredit me but I hope this blog will be used to explain this horrendous violation of our civil liberties. I was raped for three days, I had a simulated gunshot to the head, I was held against my will and denied basic rights to my lawyer and family.  So if anyone out there speaks with Agent Russell, Enderson, Almond and Tushie just know that they are not to be trusted.  They screwed me over.  The person they should have spoken to was on the tapes. Jimmy Russell denied to a senator that those tapes existed. The senator was shown evidence that tapes did exist and then was lied to again because he was told that the tapes contained conversations between agents and myself. They contained conversations between myself and the person who knew about the Olympic Park Bombing. Years after they did all these things to me I had the support of the detectives involved. Since that time one of the detectives has passed away and I had the receipt that showed that the tapes were between this person and myself. I got the police report from the incident and the name on the complaint was someone who did not even work there at the time. I blame the feds because of the technology and nobody else in local law enforcement would have access to the active denial weapons or less than lethal weapons.  I am not important and most of the victims are not important...we are just targets because someone was angry at us, we were whistle blowers and the feds involved lied....there is no oversight in the FBI,DHS and ATF. Our justice system is in shambles if this technology can be used to quiet someones information regardless of what it is.

Today is Sunday and last night they again targeted me in a manner to cause me physical harm. Please review all the information on this site and other blogs to gain a clear understanding of this technology.  It is human non-consensual experimentation along with training agents, police or soldiers.

The agents involved are not ethical and if their motto is integrity then they have failed the American people and they have fooled everyone.  The good agents are probably at the lower end of the totem pole.