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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Message of Today...Thanks to the verbal abuse last night.

After some thought I believe that this program is part of a training program for agents or soldiers to learn how to interrogate terrorist. Maybe at first they use it to neural monitor as a means to gather information to create a file on you. The first year you do not have anything but the surveillance and as part of the surveillance they use signals that allow them to create something in your mind so they have a starting place. With me it was lights and cigarettes that was used. We call it perping you.  The program was subliminally used and once they got information that they did not want they decided to use the technology to make me say something that would make me look like I had a mental illness. They used massive lights and disoriented me along with sleep deprivation. What alarms me is that many of the victims who have complained are now getting medication and are on disability that is not necessary. I was lucky and got no diagnosis of mental illness and continued to work in a very public job. I believe if the FBI and other agencies or agents are allowed to abuse the use of this technology and program that justice will never be done. I had information that they ignored and it was verified by tapes etc. While it seems the agents ignored the tapes...the same quotes appeared in a book as being from a domestic terrorist that I heard and taped from someone else. Did Agent Russell hear this from the terrorist or did he lie about it? Did he hear it and had not heard the tapes then that is a clear indication that it was not a lone wolf. This agent made a big deal of stating that the terrorist worked alone.....someone lied and it wasn't me.