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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I watched a show where the man was a "Person of Interest". The man had been on the DA's list as a person of interest for several years and the lawyer wanted to sue the DA for the harassment that the person had gone through. She stated that he had lost his job, his house even though there was no evidence to connect him to the crime.  In making her case she spoke out about the governments "Person of Interest" and what it has done to erode the Constitution of the United States as well as what personal losses the victims suffer. People tend to think that they have done nothing wrong and therefore they won't get on this list....that is not is anyone that the FBI, ATF, DEA or other law enforcement name. We all know that mistakes are made by these agencies. Unfortunately they never admit to their wrong doing or to the mistakes that they make. This list has become known as the holocaust list or Hitlers list. I believe that our government has taken the unwindable war on terrorist to a new level where people may live next door to someone or even know someone that person gets targeted. I don't think many people would tell that they are terrorist or drug dealers (another unwindable war") back to the subject....I think the people who place on these list to have you neural monitored by either smell or frequencies should be held accountable when you are innocent. I think people should day in court where we can prove our innocence instead of being tortured by direct energy weapons and immoral men and women. This post was brought on by a man who works for one of these agencies. He has dark receding hairline with glasses and is short as short as his ethics are. He once again tried to place me in one of his perverted scenes where sex was the main topic. This is nothing but a sick man who probably wanted to get his jollies off at my expense. I think this method of gathering information has eroded our very foundation of integrity and ethics in government. I am nobody and I bother nobody so if this is the continuation of my life I will find a way to sue them. I AM NOT MILITARY AND I SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECTED TO ANY OF THEIR PROGRAMS AND I CERTAINLY NEVER CONSENTED TO THIS PERVERSION BY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED ME. THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR COUNTRY STANDS FOR THIS IS SICK WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE.