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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It is the weekend and the agents who are doing this under the disguise of gathering information again placed sexual scenes in my mind and threatened me because I did not listen to them or do as they wanted. The photo of my private area shows his image and is disgusting. I wish I could show them to you but they would be considered porn. I know this post makes me look like I am mentally ill but I can assure you it is the truth. I am not delusional and I am not on drugs or any medication. My shoulders have tiny pin pricks that appear as two prong marks under a microscope. I have new pin pricks around my knees and the photo which I will display later today shows an area that is illuminated. This is how they injure you.

 For all the victims of this program I ask that you get a camera, even a cheap camera will pick up the images. When you are sexually assaulted then you get out of bed and take the photo of the area. It will provide the proof that you are in this program or being harassed by a government agency. There is no logic to the minds of these men and women who have sold their souls for their employment. If it was about catching terrorist then they would have knocked on my door to get the information they got by neural monitoring ME. If it was about drugs then they would have stopped harassing me many years ado when they knew the truth. It is about shutting me up or making me be what they want me to be. You know the catch all "Join the Army and be all that you can be". That is what they are doing...they are all they can be. A group of misled misfits mental midgets playing mind games....harming innocent people and making congress and our government believe they are really protecting this country. Some of the latest comments have been..."We owe you money, we are protecting you, they have harmed you etc. These men and women are taught to use they them instead of I or we. This is part of the late at night  CHATTER that begins the subliminal mind games. These are the same corrupted people that shut me up when I knew the truth about Rudolph's friend. The same people who told me that the sheriff was in on this and that they would take care of the person who was involved in illegal activities after my lawyer told me to get out of there and to call the sheriff. Instead I kept quiet because I  still had not learned to distrust these idiots even after they tried to discredit me. This was not meant to be a journal and I promise that I will start a new Blog with just my information and keep this one for news items and information pertinent to these weapons. We do not know if the directed energy is directed at the areas of the brain to make you listen, see or a type of hypnosis is used to block out certain words and memories. However they do this to us they add in our minds horrible words that are the opposite of what we believe the Justice Department or the FBI is arresting people who are playing hate games. These are hate words. They try to manipulate you to say or do things that will only harm you or make you appear as is mind games and if you Google Eldon Byrd you will learn the program that is being used on us...he created this program and told about it when he learned what it would be used to do. It is not only about privacy, it is about free will and freedom of your speech along with other constitutional rights. I ask that when someone takes you into their confidence and tells you they may be a victim of a Defense Department or Homeland Security remote interrogation or neural monitoring, training or testing program that you listen they probably are telling you the truth. This program mimics schizophrenia and other do not suddenly come down with these mental illnesses when you are fifty or sixty years old...look them up.  You do not become delusional without some could be drugs, alcohol, or it could be a corrupted agent who is hiding something as in my case.  Thank you Agent Russell for the evidence. Thank you Woody for allowing me to see you in my hometown when Rudolph was making up his mind to sign the papers. Thank you for the "joke" of allowing me to see yet another hologram...this time I knew the game and did not talk about it as you wanted so that the people around me would think I was mentally ill. I am delighted the hospital records indicate that I have no mental illness. I am delighted with all the evidence that a detective left behind for me. I am delighted that Woody retired except he should have been prosecuted for obstruction of justice and he may have been in on the ordering of my rape....maybe fat man just has a mental issue himself.