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Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Perp On the Wall of My Bedroom

I have seen through the maze that the psyops morons have created. For instance if you say you are going to a friends house then they will try to convince you that this person is not a friend. It doesn't mean a thing to is just their warped mentality. Over the years they have called black people by the N word to try to get me to discriminate against them. They have told me that a member of my family had cancer when they didn't. They have lied so many times about everything and anything...just to mess with my mind. We wonder why our soldiers come home so messed up but we never want to believe that they too are victims of this cruel game. This is a military operation and the men and women doing this are the low life's in the military. I remember when the story broke about the senators being targeted to fund more money for the military by the people in psyops. It was amazing to me that one senator stated that he would know if they did this to him....he needs to brush up on these weapons because he would not know.  The psyops people said it was their job to do what they did. I is not their job to destroy our freedom of speech, freedom of thought or to undermine anything we want to do. It is not their job to tell you not to speak with the State Police or to try to undermine your faith in law enforcement. It is not their job to cause you problems at your work place by placing you in a stupor or by causing you to be unable to complete simple tasks. It is not their job to hide the mistakes that the FBI or SBI,DEA, ATF or any other agency makes. It is not their job to do anything that would harm or prevent a person from getting a fair trial. It is not their job to prevent you from seeking an attorney to protect your rights. These are the things that they are doing under the Patriot Act. What they are NOT doing is protecting America. Once you figure them out then the threats are meaningless.....I see them and they are old balding men teaching our young to be ignorant like them. There is a connection between the brain and sex....unfortunately their methods to gather the information causes burns on your private area. If you do not do what they want then they will rape you with the directed energy weapons. I have one bald idiot who is trying to be so important and each time he fails he places a sexual scene in my mind as his punishment (or maybe just so he can get his jollies off) for my not cooperating. We know they are chosen for what they have but for what they lack. It scares me that we are supposed to be protected by these men and women lacking in morals and ethics. There is no integrity in this operation.  You can see what kind of night I had as a result of these jackasses who actually are paid with our tax dollars. The photo was taken in the middle of the night. There was no light in the room. DBL Click to enlarge.