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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Government Abuse

When the Bush Administration told us that the military would be involved in surveillance along with the CIA many thought that we would be more secure in this country. What they did not tell you was that technology existed that was able to mimic waterboarding, sexual assaults, simulation of gunshots and that the use of the LRAD and active denial weapons system was part of this new so called security. What they didn't tell you was that your rights would be violated. It wasn't that the FBI was out there looking for terrorist, it was that these agencies like the ATF, FBI SBI and drug enforcement would have the ability to sit on their butts and place people on a list where they would be neural monitored and brain mapped. These people would be subjected to all the weapons as a means to silence or gather their information. We were not told that the EMF and low radio frequencies would be used as a means to terrorize us. We were not told that we would be bullied by our government agencies for years. Just as the people who were subjected to all the experiments by the CIA before we have become victims of their programs. They do this remotely. They will follow you and use this technology while you sleep to gather information and then they will harass you.  For me they tried to use stupid things from my childhood...they had nothing else. 

This morning it was like a ball of light directed at my head to cause a headache and something similar to cause a backache. For years I have been unable to take long walks because that was my enjoyment. What did I do this morning....I said I was taking my photos to the ACLU and with that I received a threat that I would be picked up by this criminal posing as an agent. This is why people are afraid. This has gone too far and we need to organize in every state and choose a National to lead all of us. All information coming out of each agency should be the same. All suggestions the same. This is how we fight for our freedoms.