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Thursday, April 05, 2012


I try to stay away from personal events but once in a while I post something related to what these bastards are doing. Over and over they tell me they did not rape me but masturbated me. Of course I know the difference. I believe it is not to deny what they have done but it is to keep it in your mind a a mean to cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or some other type of mental issue. The have failed miserably at what they are doing. When they do this they send waves over my private area and I can actually get an image of these men and women. Most of the men are in their 50-60 and they are bald with glasses. Sometimes I can see patches on their arms. I also have seen younger men with earphones sitting in front of a screen. it is time for an outcry from the public so that we can prevent human beings from being used for military or scientific experiments or training.  This is not to gather information but to punish whistle blowers or people they want to keep silent. Whatever the reason it is wrong. It is not a safe way to gather intelligence or we would not have brain lesions, scars all over our bodies. PTSD would not be an issue for those who have been subjected to these mind games.  This is inhumane. What has happened to Integrity. This secret program undermines the faith people have in their government and these agencies. All it does is create disillusionment and anger. Would you ever have imagined a group of people burning and stinging a persons genitals as a means to gather intelligence? Can you imagine placing sick perverted scenes in a victims mind while they are awake and calling it intelligence gathering or behaviour modification. The game goes like this: They place these thoughts, words or dreams in your mind and are talking to you and trying to make you think that you are a part of this scene , not a dream but are thinking as if it was from your past. Then they wake you up either with a clunk on the head or by burning you intensely and start bullying you and trying to get you to accept their poor behaviour as yours. Shame on our government allowing this to go on. This is not supposed to be China, Iraq or Iran but it sure looks as though our government is trying to mimic their bad behaviour. I didn't sign up for behaviour modification nor did I sign up to be tortured. If these agencies don't like us that is just too bad. We have the right to be what we want to be and do not need their approval to live our lives as we see fit.

A Word About Sgt Stein.
Sgt Gary Stein created a Face Book page that critisized Obama. Under military rules that were created during the Civil War a soldier may not participate in any political discussions nor can he speak out against the president and Secretary of State.  His attorneys believe that even though the military has different rules that everyone is granted Freedom Of Speech.  I do not believe Sgt Stein should lose a rank or be dismissed for having a Facebook page with his personal views. I can understand that we might have a whole lot of soldiers critisizing the Commander in Chief regardless of who he might be. It might reduce morale but if they can die for this country they should be able to speak out about their boss just as you can complain about yours.  His statement that he would not follow any order that was in violation of the constitution should be a statement that all soldiers would make. After all they did take an oath to support the constitution. Wouldn't it be nice if our congress and presidents applied this to running the country.  He will be in court today and we shall see what happens. 

 The patches may be a special group of  Frankenstein mental misfits but I believe it is military and Homeland Insecurity at their childish immature mind games. Grow up boys there are real terrorist out there that you should be paying attention to.