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Sunday, April 08, 2012

I have been in my new apartment for a couple of months. In the past they used the weapons or military technology to subdue me. I felt free here for the first two months and here it is again....I am tired and I have been subjected to sleep deprevation. The following is the reason I am subjected tot his abuse. This statement will be removed when they remove the weapons.

I do not think the public can imagine what is going on in America. It is far too sinister for the ordinary person to believe. I can speak only from what was done to me. In 2002, I was 54 years old. I had never had any issues with mental health, drugs, or alcohol. I was never prescribed medication for any mental health issues including depression, psychosis or for anything else. I had always supported myself and even had provided financial support to my family.

When the Patriot Act was passed, America did not know what leniency it gave to then Federal Agents. We did not understand the depth of where the Bill would allow Homeland Security, NSA, FBI, DEA, and ATF to intrude in our lives. We certainly did not imagine that our homes would be invaded, items missing or broken and these items would never be returned and we would never be compensated for damages. We thought like everyone else that this law was meant to stop terrorist not allow the use of weapons and psychological programs against citizens without any proof of a crime being committed. Now, these agents were able to use military technology and weapons when they just suspected you of a crime or knowledge without any evidence whatsoever. No longer did they call you in for questioning they just provided your name to the proper people who then subjected you to remote torture and monitoring.

I had been approached by local detectives who had asked me if I knew if someone was making a bomb to be used against someone in the drug task force. I explained that I did not know what this person of interest was doing. This man had gone on to use drugs and I was trying to get him some help for the problem. I did not associate with his friends; in fact they did not trust or like me. However when I was approached by one of his friends who told me he was making a bomb and others knew it I did pass on the information along with the person’s name who told me it. Later when the “person of interest” spoke to me about harming the drug agent I let him know that I would turn him in….I believed that was the end of it.

A few months later this “person of interest” spoke to me about bombing another place and I told him to stop talking so crazy or people would believe he was going to do something. I did not think he would go that far. I did not even mention this to the detective as I thought I would sound crazy. Unfortunately a bombing did occur, it happened the way the “person of interest” said it would so I asked him why he knew about it happening before it happened, and how he knew how it would happen. His answers were very unsatisfactory. I had put this on tape. The tape recorder was a tape recorder that had no voice control and so it ran out. I then waited until payday, bought a new tape recorder, and again had him repeat the things he told me. I turned these tapes over to the local detective.

One day while watching the news I heard the FBI asked for information regarding the bombing where I had provided the tapes to the local detectives. I did not think this person did it but certainly had knowledge and knew who did. I called the FBI and had them get in touch with the local detective. At this time I had turned over three tapes not of good quality but if they listened to the tapes they should be able to determine that he knew something.

Several months later those tapes were returned to the local detectives. Supposedly they were sent to the SBI lab and cleaned and copied. It was later that we learned that the SBI lab had set so many people free because of the poor quality of their work.

The FBI went to visit the person of interest and from then on my life became hell. This person of interest “changed” after the FBI visited him. He would come see me and talk to me for short periods only to rant and make excuses for why the bombing was done to almost begging me to understand. Several times he threatened me I no longer recognized the person I had known for years. I again taped him and turned these tapes over to the detective. I was able to tape several of these conversations.

It was several years later that the person responsible for the bombing was caught. During the time between the two sets of tapes I was able to locate a photo of the bomber on a camera that belonged to the person of interest. Of course the bomber was not known so I did not put them together. I did not have cable or satellite and local information was very scarce. It was much later that I was able to piece the evidence together and recall incidents that they knew each other.

When the man who did the bombings was caught I then was targeted by the agents and here is what happened: The active-denial weapons system or some form of technology was used to disorient me so as to make me appear delusional so that I would be discredited. I knew what was happening but because I trusted these agents, I did what I told. Had I known what I know now I would never have listened or trusted them? This happened after I had mentioned these tapes to someone in the mountains of NC. I was then sent to a mental hospital where I was able to get out with no medication and no diagnosis of mental illness. I also had been drug tested and asked to take a breathalyzer. I had no alcohol or drugs in my system. This was done by these agents as a means to discredit me and I believe it was because of the failure to copy and clean the tapes. I did not know if the last three tapes had even made it to the FBI.

My issue is this: Why was I subjected to torture and abuse at the instruction of the FBI or DEA, ATF or Homeland Security when I thought that I had done the right thing and got what I could on tape so that this person could be identified and caught. There is a lot I am not saying because of fear for my life. I have been left holding the bag and this person was allowed to go free. I am still tortured and remotely interrogated repeatedly. It will not change anything. I know the truth and I was not delusional, did not do drugs and the local detectives supported me. For that, I thank them. I now know that technology should be used to catch criminals not to subdue witnesses or to cover up mistakes. I was subjected to rape, simulated gunshot to the head and have scars all over my body that comes from this technology. I am not delusional. Way too many victims have been subjected to what I have been. If there was a cover up it was without justification because my information would only have cemented their case. If this technology really works then it should have cleared me years ago because I am telling the truth. Maybe the agents should have been subjected to what I was.

I am retired and I only want to live in peace. I moved out of the area in hopes of getting my freedom from this technology and weapons. That has not happened. I believe that a lawsuit and openness regarding the issues will be my only means of peace. I do not consider myself an informant. I would never dream of taking money for information. I asked for nothing. I did it to protect the very agents who have placed me in a system that abuses and tortures people. I believe there are good agents out there and I trust law enforcement but I now know that I held them in too high of esteem and these agents did not have the integrity that is supposed to be a part of their jobs.

The abuse continues with sexual assaults, burns, and stings along with the images but I know what weapons used on me now so I will take the information public because I know they will not stop the abuse on me and on the other victims. I have spoken with other potential witnesses and whistle-blowers, our stories are the same, and the abuse and use of psychological conditioning programs or behavior modification are similar. This program is not saving you, in fact this program may be the direct result of terrorist going free.