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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I did not write this but I can assure you the author knows what he is talking about. The agencys involved with these weapons do not care if we tell you...they have so much clout with congress that congress does not care if we tell you. The secret is NOT the repeated conversations it is just to keep you in a certain state of mind. I listed something they said to me " Do not tell on these agents. " Trust me these agents don't care what you tell...they have Homeland Security and the military covering their tracks with this technology. The Lida Machine has been around for a very long time...what you read here is old news but there are still some who do not know it exist so I have included this article.  I'd like to thank the real writers who have done the research for all of us. 

The reference article for this is;

"In May 1989, it was learned by the CIA that the KGB was subjecting people undergoing interrogation to electromagnetic fields, which produced a panic reaction, bringing them closer to breaking down under questioning. The subjects were not told that they were being placed under the influence of these beams. A few years earlier, Dr. Ross Adey released photographs and a fact sheet concerning what he called the Russian Lida machine. This consisted of a small transmitter emitting 10-hertz waves which make the subject susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. American POWs in Korea have said that similar devices had been used for interrogation purposes in POW camps....

On August 27, 1991, the Komsomolskaya Pravda published a statement by Victor Sedleckij, the Vice President of the League of Independent Soviet Scientists where he commented, "As an expert and juridical personality I declare: In Kiev was launched a mass production of Psychotronical Biogenerators and their tests. I cannot assert that during the coup d'etat were used exactly the Kiev generators. All the same the fact that they were used is evident to me. What are the Psychotronical generators? They are electrical equipment which produces the effect of guided control in human organisms. It affects especially the left and right hemisphere of the cortex. This is also the technology of the U.S. project Zombie 5 . . . I draw on my personal experience since I am myself the designer of such a generator.

"So the next time you read a rambling letter from someone claiming that the government is beaming "mind control" rays into their brains - you may want to reconsider making a snap judgement on the sanity of the unfortunate victim. After all, no one takes the time to research, design and develop a weapon, such as mind control machines, unless they intend to use it.

The reference article for this is;