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Friday, April 20, 2012

Here We Go Again

The news is again reporting sexual misconduct by the military. What is not surprising is that when a woman reports the sexual assault or rape they are sent for a psychological exam along with a lie detector. The man is again allowed to go free and gets nothing. The same goes when women report the sexual misconduct of the people who are neural monitoring or remotely interrogating people. Once they gather the information and the person is found innocent they then have to keep this person in a program or they deliberately use the weapons and technology to make the person appear to e mentally unstable. It is the new justice in this world made possible by the back door policies or interpretation of the Patriot Act. These agencies are unaccountable to anyone. They may make you believe they are held accountable but the supervision is so lax that the abuses continue. Most of these abuses are being taught as interrogation methods and the victims are only collateral damage. I can assure you that because I wrote this in my blog that I would be subjected to torture or abuse in an effort to keep me quiet.

Just this morning I was subjected to the whirling around my head and the punches and noises that seem to be part of the gathering or tormenting of victims in this program.

I believe that the program is part of National Security, Homeland Security, FBI, SBI, and ATF along with drug enforcement. Since I do not do drugs and I am not mentally ill then I believe it is the FBI and military. Just as the Secret Service had military backing I believe these agencies have military backing that uses the active denial weapons and remote interrogation technology.

Our country is in crisis and it is not the common people. It is the Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, NSA, and those who go along with the abuse who is responsible. In addition, I think that the local police who look up to the Federal agencies may be snookered and taken in by some of these unethical agents.

Again, let us remember that for every one renegade agent there is thousands who are not responsible for the lack of integrity on their counterparts.