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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cover Up

This psychological program does not change the facts it just allows Federal Agents to cover them up. I read a story about Dan Rather this morning. He exposed then President Bush for his cowardliness in the military. He lost his job because they stated that the documents were forged. He still believes they were real but because they were not originals he was unable to prove they were good copies. This is just one way that our government covers up what they don't want you to know. Dan Rather had his career ruined because he spoke the truth. There are many Americans in this program not for what they did or even what they know but because they are to be silenced for the information. If we do not speak out now then we may never get the chance again.

To the Southeast Bomb Task Force:

You spent thousands of dollars following me around the country. You knew you could have spoken to me but it wasn't what you wanted to hear. Instead you used technology and deceit to try to discredit me. You lied to the public and they were not any safer because of your lies. You still try to manipulate me on a daily basis instead of going forward and dealing with the facts. Now, it is too late to do anything and I wonder if you think you did a satisfactory job after all. Is this how you win your cases or conduct an investigation? What did you gain by what you did? An investigation into your antics should have been initiated but somehow you managed to keep me quiet while you tried to cover up your tracks. I saw so many of you using Visa Cards for things like a loaf of bread. All the money that was spent on me could have been spent to identify and prosecute the person who worked with Rudolph to do all his nasty deeds.  What were you thinking?

The issue is no longer who helped Rudolph...I didn't even know him. I don't even care anymore. I do care that I was collateral damage and they had no conscience in what they did and continue to do. I should have been let out of this program but instead their fear of the truth has kept me a prisoner. When you try to tell about it you get congressmen who are too busy or they are told they have no right to question the program. You get denial from a group of unscrupulous agents. You get "are you crazy" from people who were involved. You won't get the truth. The issue to me is what was done to me to cover up the truth and how many people knew what they did.  How many other people were targeted to silence them? Is this how they do business?  Is this what the Integrity stands for? Is this their idea of ethical?  The waste of tax-payers money on this program and on me is mind boggling...why is everyone so apathetic and not demanding answers? I am not alone...there are way too many casualties of this program. Others have scars, some have developed PTSD. Why is it allowed?  There was no justice....

It was tricks and lies along with deceit designed to ruin our lives. Most victims lost homes, jobs and careers. Some of these people are lawyers, scientist along with nurses. What is this secret program and what are the lies that keep it afloat? Who funds this deceit? Where is the oversight? What are the agencies involved covering up? Who is responsible for the orders that are given to rape and simulate gunshots to the head? Who gives the orders for the holograms? You wonder where the people get the idea of space ships and is the holograms, brain mapping and the attempts to destroy the memories of the people who are tested and subjected to abuse at the whims of those who are in charge.