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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It is a constant game these perverts play with our minds. They want to make you believe that you are thinking or saying what THEY WANT YOU TO. Not only that but when they get caught it is a constant barrage of threats. For instance this morning it was a scene of dancing and I was supposed to have said something disgusting related to one of the dancers. I am tired of the mind games from these perverts my reply follows: What I said then was YOU LET A TERRORIST GO FREE...INSTEAD OF DOING YOUR JOB YOU PLACED ME IN THIS PROGRAM SO THAT I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT YOUR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES SUCH AS TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK MENTALLY ILL AS PART OF THE COVER UP, THE SIMULATED GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD COMPLETE WITH ALL THE DRAMA, AND THE RAPES THAT YOU AND YOUR MEN DID TO TRY TO TRAUMATIZE ME. IT IS SAD THAT OUR GOVERNMENT FUNDS PROGRAMS LIKE THIS BECAUSE MANY CITIZENS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE BEING DENIED BASIC FREEDOMS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. BEHIND THIS WAS THE FBI AGENTS WHO MADE THE DECISION TO LET HIM GO FREE BUT IN A BOOK ONE OF THE AGENTS HAS QUOTED THE KNOWN TERRORIST IN CUSTODY WITH WORDS THAT I HEARD SPOKEN BY ANOTHER  AND THESE WERE ON TAPE AND TURNED OVER TO THE FBI. THEY MAY HAVE COME FROM THE MAN IN THE JAIL BECAUSE THEY KNEW EACH OTHER. THEN THE THREAT WAS IF WE ARREST HIM WE WILL ARREST YOU....THAT IS THE GAME...IF I SPEAK OUT THEY WILL LABEL ME A TERRORIST OR A SUPPORTER WHEN ALL I DID WAS TRY  TO STOP IT. Before anyone accuses me of being a radical I should state that there are good soldiers and agents. Some who are devoted to protecting citizens in this country.  We know that the FBI and ATF, DEA places people under their surveillance program. Unfortunately this program is a program of torture both mentally and physically and yet when the people are cleared even in the courts, the abuse continues. The cover up is that they use the directed energy weapons to disorient the victims thus making them appear to be either delusional or mentally ill. When Senators get involved they may be silenced the same as the victims. They certainly back off supporting the victims. Probably without their knowledge they are subjected to subliminal brain manipulating.  Everyone wants to stop domestic terrorist. We all want to live in a drug free environment. We all want our freedoms but only a selected group truly is free at this time. I heard on the news that in ten years people will be wearing camouflage over their faces to keep from being recognized by this system. Women can't even shower without being subjected to verbal abuse. Who wants to have strangers watching them bath and sleep. Many marriages are on the rocks because they do not want the voyeurs watching them. This system has the capability to enhance different areas of your brain to make you hungry, to make you depressed and to make you ramble as many of the victims do when they try to speak to lawyers or anyone else. There is no privacy for me and I did not do anything but turn over evidence to the people who I thought would listen and do something. They were wrong and they needed me to keep silent because they did something illegal. Obstruction of justice is a criminal offense. I was attacked by these agents for the wrong reasons. Had they done what they should have done we would be looking at a different situation. The Jimmy Russel's and Woody Enderson's are not heroes. SUPPORT YOUR SOLDIERS WHO LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR YOU. SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT WHO RISK THEIR LIVES FOR YOU. DO NOT SUPPORT THE USE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY TO PROTECT YOU. IT DOES NOT DO THAT IT CREATES NOT ONLY VICTIMS BUT PERPETRATORS AND WE DESERVE A BETTER FORM OF PROTECTION.