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Monday, March 05, 2012

Americans deserve more than a night of mental anguish or a night of sexual assaults and images or feelings of rape. When torture becomes a part of your nights then it is time for people to stand together and fight for their civil liberties. Please do not vote for senators and presidents who turn their heads on the American plight of torture. This is not happening in Iran or as a part of gathering information against those who are terrorist but to innocent people because they MAY know something. They may have spoke to a person who is a neighbor or in a store and they become targets of abuse and torture. Two nights ago I felt what was something like a comb going up and down on my private area. Last night it was my being made to think that I was having sex and an orgasm. This is exactly why we need to stop the so called neural monitoring. Please send an email to your senator and ask him to stop the back door policies of the Patriot Act and if he sends you the standard reply that we are in a war on terrorist, ask him why a 4 year old would be considered terrorist, why rape is a part of standard military intelligence.TORTURE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE AS A WAY TO GATHER INFORMATION.