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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The New Intelligence

Night after night people who are under so called satellite surveillance or remote interrogation are subjected to burning in their groins or private areas. This technology or weapon causes burns and it has not been eliminated that it may cause cancer. The sky is sprayed with chemicals or chem trails as a means to perpetrate the technology that is used in this type of surveillance. This goes on for years and years never ending and never any arrest just a form of sexual assault that is supported by people who do not know that these people are not guilty of criminal acts such as terrorism. Once in a while you will read about someone who has been under this system being arrested because they were a "Person of Interest". Once in a while.  Does this warrant this type of interrogation and has the intelligence community become lazy in seeking out the truth through normal channels that is not harmful to the many innocent victims who have been targeted?
There are many of you who do not understand that this technology burns the skin (military) that leaves scars. The victims are subjected to both physical and psychological abuse.  We are just collateral damage to these men and women. I do not know what story they have been told that would justify to them the torture, dreams and pain that they feel is morally right to inflict upon us. I thought we were protected by the Bill of Rights. Of course if they call you an enemy combatant then you have no rights. Where is the evidence to support their stories? Why can't we have our day in court especially after years of interrogation and abuse? Why is our President turning his back on our civil liberties?  Instead our congress is misled and a Bioethics Commission is created that is just lip service and does nothing to stop this abuse even after doctors, lawyers and others who are victims spoke on record about these abuses. Look up the Bioethics Commission it was formed by the Obama Administration and the findings obviously are ignored.

Many years ago I turned over information to the FBI that supposedly they claim they did not receive. I became a target as a means to silence me so that some agent would not have to explain that they had the right man who committed the criminal act but they had to let someone else go who may have collaborated with him. In fact the FBI made a big deal out of making the statement that he was a lone wolf. Yet comments that the second person made were repeated in a book that was written about the incident and were supposedly quoted by the "lone wolf".  I think my information was just another piece of information that was ignored thus leading to more deaths. Could it have been sent to the lab and lost?  Another lab mistake?  By the way this was a huge case and I am sure that thousands of pieces of information were given to this Task Force. I do not blame them for their mistake just the way that I am being treated. I did not deserve to have
everything taken from me, an attempt to discredit me nor to be punished by technology that leaves the same psychological imprint on your mind that POWs suffer.  I was supposed to be a witness not a victim.

Instead they may have claimed an innocent person was 1) mentally ill 2) on drugs. Both proven not to be true. But it does not help once the rumors are set in motion.
Neither was the truth but when I went to Senator Burr's office with all the documentation to support what was done to me...I was told they (FBI) were protecting their case as if I should accept the burns, rape and other criminal acts I have endured. They were actually obstructing justice something you and I would have been sent to prison for.

I became the victim of military weapons and technology that is so advanced that it was able to simulate a gunshot to my head complete with the shaking of the head, stickiness of blood on my face, body going numb then cold and stiff and gunshot odor...several rapes which were possibly done by a computerized program as the sexual techniques used to simulate the rapes were identical. These rapes went on for several days until I ended up in a pool of blood.

Tonight once again I was burned and tortured by the same people that are responsible for the cover up. I have been threatened with many things including arrest...(believe me it would be a trumped up charge) they threatened to tell every little thing I ever did wrong from the time I was a teen if I told on them. This is the program that we are teaching military intelligence and the subjects for this are mostly innocent victims like myself.

I am here to tell you do not get involved with any federal agency as they lie and you could end up just like me. I thought I was doing the right thing but I was wrong. The blind trust I had in these people put me in danger and took away my freedom. Night after night I am tortured and sexually victimized by men and women who are supposed to serve and protect. Our military no longer looks after it's citizens. We are in no better shape than the women in Iraq and Iran who are raped by their military. We are no longer safe in our homes.  I have photos that are so revealing that I can't post them. They make Abeu Gharib look tame in comparison.

We have a President, Attorney General and Defense Department that supports the use of these programs and methods of gathering intelligence. This has been going on for over ten years. Do you not think they should have gotten their so called information by now? This is about revenge, whistle blowing and  covering up mistakes. I have done nothing except know someone who did.

Richard Tice tried to tell congress what was going on. He was with  National Security and ignored.  Some FBI agents have spoken out while others take advantage of the shield of secrecy that this program allows. There are decent agents out there but how do you know which ones can be trusted after being targeted by a few.

I have read that Drug Enforcement is the leader in using this program or should I say misuseing this program. Most of the victims are supposed to be dealers...I am not one. I have never used drugs and certainly never sold drugs. I had nothing to do with drugs so I don't believe this is the agency that has done these things to me. If it is they have made a huge mistake.  Is this really what America stands for and isn't there a better way to protect this country than ruining the lives of it's citizens? All the agencies involved have no accountability. They do not have to do anything but say they think you are a person of interest. FISA Court has now become the joke of the century even though it was created to stop this type of violations. The FBI has run amuck with unjustified power and the Justice Department is led by someone who let guns be given to drug cartels and dealers which in turn was responsible for the killing of one of our agents. This holiday that family will go without their son because of this error. 

I awake each day with new puncture wounds on me where I have been subjected to this type of interrogation or perhaps it is just a persuasive technique to try to get me to lie and change my story. How many others have these marks on their skin?