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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Old photos ( I wish they were clearer for you.

The first photo was taken through my window. The second is my scalp where you can see the injury and the directed energy. The third was taken of a small tree and when the energy is in play the photos look out of focus but they aren't. I once had a blurred photo but the stop sign was straight and clear. These are taken with a small pixel camera and when they are enlarged they tend to blend everything in. I keep the memory cards in several offices where they will be safer. I put a book in a locked trunk a week before I moved and yesterday I discovered that someone unlocked the trunk and removed the book and copies of documents. No warrants just thieves. There is nobody who would be interested in the book. I am willing to bet it shows up back in the trunk very soon. I have some videos on You Tube that are better than the photos. Early on there was severe gaslighting for victims but after several years they just torture. The book is replaceable and therefore I am not even concerned. It is just that the person who would have an interest in the book had no authority to enter my home without permission. Many victims go through the same thing.  Sorry the photos are out of order but you can see which goes with what description. 

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