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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have read several stories about victims of this horrific so called surveillance program that is being used by the FBI and other agencies. Even after being cleared they still keep people on a neural monitoring program. This program is so invasive that victims have reported lesions to the brain. Many of these victims have been undermined when applying for employment. In addition, many are left homeless or have to resort to Social Security Disability. All they have to do is tell their story and immediately these people are granted their disability. The problem is they are perceived as mentally ill. In today's world instead of protecting our freedoms we now have agencies along with congress and even the President taking them away.  Of course it is done in such a manner as to look perfectly normal but victims know the difference. There are too many coincidences and too many victims hit with pain beams where without any explanation they find their bodies bleeding or new injuries.
Let me tell you what a simulated gunshot to the head feels like: The first jolt of pain came in my ear and then my brains felt like they were shaking inside my skull. From there I began to feel like my body was going to sleep (like your foot does) from the head down. I then felt cold and stiff from the head down. I heard a engine running and smelled gunpowder. I was then told that this is what a gunshot to the head feels like. This is a simulation that no human being should have to endure. I will be posting all communication that I have regarding the reason for the gunshot. It was a threat from an agent who wanted me to stay silent about tapes that clearly showed a person either committing a crime, having information regarding a crime. The crime took several lives at different times and maybe if they had done what they said " clean up the tapes by sending to a lab" or even just listening to them they would have saved someone from being blinded and killed. This is what they are using these weapons for...not for finding terrorist because after ten years and all the mind games these people know that I did not do anything to deserve the rapes, gunshot, job manipulation or anything else.  One of the agents involved retired but the others are still out there using psyops to silence anyone who tells the truth.
I promise you that I will not vote again for Obama because he has failed to make the changes that he promised. It is not about the economy because I would rather stand in a bread line and have the right to stand in that bread line rather than have someone deny me the right to live my life as I was meant to.

I will be asking for others to post to a new location if you have gone to your senator and the results of that visit.  The other question that I will post is " Do you think the military has the right to practice these programs on anyone that the intelligence agents place on a list even after they have been cleared. Should these agents have to submit to brain mapping and neural monitoring to keep them honest? Should victims be compensated for damages done to their reputations, or  should they be compensated for the scars and other physical damages? Should they be compensated for the mental abuse that they receive on a daily basis? How would you feel if this happened to you when you did nothing but tell the truth? How would you feel if their purpose was to keep you unemployed or homeless? You can do something...go to the Presidents petition page and sign anything that does not support the use of this technology or repeals the Patriot Act.