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Thursday, October 06, 2011


With Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) innocent people in this country are monitored often with severe injuries and even death. Along with satellites the use of low radio frequencies has brought a new dimension to surveillance. Privacy in your home can no longer be taken for granted. Women and men have complained of sexual assaults, even burns on their genitals. Of course this has been denied by the head of the intelligence committee and the heads of various agencies. These victims have been tortured for years. Many have been discredited when they have told the truth by weapons that are used to disorient and then made to make them appear to be delusional thus ending up in mental institutions or made to get a mental exam when they had no history of mental illness.

In the article below you can see that even after they are cleared they are still kept on the "people of interest" list. Do you think that ten or fifteen years of surveillance without an arrest are logical or should we be funding this program with taxpayers money when the National Debt is so high? What would happen if this program were a method of manipulating their minds subliminally? Remember when Homeland Security gave a defense contract to the Russian agency Psychotechnical Laboratory Research Institute? Do you understand what they do and why would we spend taxpayers money to fund a Russian program? Where was the outcry? I will post the article this week. What is the connection to surveillance and this program? Isn't it time we got real answers to these issues instead of the run around by the FBI and congress. When Eric Holden testified did he tell the truth? I have posted several articles that should make your skin crawl because today it is them tomorrow it is you. If this is not soon stopped there will be the possibility that control over another person’s mind will be eminent. Ask those that are sleep deprived, stung on a regular basis for telling the truth, and those that have lost their jobs or homes not because of the economy, but because they have been attacked with low radio frequencies, microwaves and the Active Denial Weapons System. Ask those who have been threatened through the use of acoustic weapons or those who have been subjected to a mock execution and rape. America was supposed to be the country that sent our soldiers to fight for other countries freedoms. WHAT HAPPENED? Who is fighting the fight for our freedom and what country can we depend on to help us when our congress, president and head of the Justice Department along with the DOD has lied and denied us the same freedoms for which our soldiers are fighting and dying in other countries freedoms?  Think about this and protest the use of these weapons and psychological subliminal programming.