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Monday, September 26, 2011

Washington Post Article

A must read for anyone who wants America to stay free of military influence. Our intelligence agencies have run amuck at the expense of innocent citizens in this country. Some may be guilty of misdemeanors but are subjected to neural monitoring and torture. These people may be used for training purposes for the intelligence community. Some of the training has been linked to mental illness including anxiety and PTSD. Many are just whistle blowers trying to move forward with their lives but unable to as a result of FBI and other intelligence community interference. Women are subjected to simulations of rape and gunshots to the head. Men have been subjected to erections lasting as long as eight hours. Most are carrying scars from the technology that has been used. There is one report of a 84 year old woman who was subjected to this abuse on her death bed. Please read the following articles and the five that articles in the Washington Post by Dana Priest. If this doesn't scare you then imagine that you have tried everything available to stop this abuse but it continues for 10 or even 15 years. This is what should be protested. Please contact your senator or the senators below in the article and ask for an investigation into the misuse of the Patriot Act.