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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Please sign petition

Those of you who would like to sign the petition here is how you do it.

Go to:!/petition/create

1) create a user name

2) create a password

3) press- vote

4) it will take you someplace weird

5) see if you have an email link

from the White House (forget this)

6) return to site again

7) see log in screen - but before you

Log on

8) get the petition in front of


9) reduce this site and return to the log

in screen, FROM the SAME BROWSER.

10) sign in,

11) then reduce that screen and press

the other screen- where the petition

is located.

12) press VOTE!

13) if all else fails- call the White House

Web master- don't get off until

they help you sign on-

I hope some of this is helpful- The petition is here:

Thanks to all who care and to the person who sent these instructions.