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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Military Strategy

Having been raped and sexually assaulted by misled misfits who have become corrupted under the Patriot Act I find this very interesting. When our government tortures private citizens not because they have done wrong but to find out if they did wrong; there is something very sick about what the intelligence community stands for. When congress ignores the pleading of thousands of citizens and continues to pretend that they are protecting America by violating civil liberties then it is time to protest what we have become and to take back what we lost through the court system and non violently. Do we really need the neural monitoring system and is it justified to give an already FBI more power to abuse the great people of this country?

Military strategy
Amnesty International has challenged the view that sees rape and sexual abuse as a by-product of war. According to Amnesty International rape is now used as deliberate military strategy rather than opportunistic rape and pillage of previous centuries.[42] As a military strategy war rape is reportedly used for the purpose of conquering territory by expelling the population therefrom, decimating remaining civilians by destroying their links of affiliations, by the spread of AIDS, and by eliminating cultural and religious traditions. War rape may be described as "weapon of war" or a "means of combat" in the media.[36] With specific reference to recent war rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries the aims of war rape as a military strategy have been listed as follows: increase in military morale, decrease the military morale of the enemy, to offend the enemy, and to loot the maximum of an enemy’s belongings (including women and children).[39]
Commenting on the use of rape in wars, Gita Sahgal said in 2004 that it is a mistake to think such assaults are primarily about "spoils of war" or sexual gratification. She said rape is often used in ethnic conflicts as a way for attackers to perpetuate social control and redraw ethnic boundaries. "Women are seen as the reproducers and careers of the community," she said.[43]