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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sex and the intelligence community

On a nightly basis many men, women and even children are subjected to a mislead group of individuals who work for the intelligence community including the NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA and ATF along with military men and women. These mislead mental midgets believe that attacking citizens through mind games is acceptable behavior. This includes needle pricks to their private area, visions of sexual acts, and in doing so they leave puncture marks on their bodies. It is well known that the military uses sexual acts as a means to gather intelligence but who would believe that our congress would sanction this type of torture and mind games here in America. Tonight there will be men who have erections for hours at a time as a means of torture, women who are raped and sexually assaulted via directed energy weapons, low radio frequencies and many other forms of torture while congress sleeps. The Obama administration has been told about these types of torture and many believe that they are meant to mimic hands on torture. They are the same and they need to be stopped. I am asking everyone who reads this to investigate and Google low frequencies, directed energy weapons and brain mapping, brain games then email your congress and ask them to bring our country back in line with the constitution. I do not believe in violence but I do believe a flood of letters will get their attention. Start with the President and then your congress.