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Monday, August 15, 2011

Jose Delgado was a monster who the CIA cultivated and emulated as a means to gather information. Imagine a citizen in this country being probed and prodded like cattle just to determine IF they have done anything without any provocation other than getting placed on one of Bush's infamous list through the FBI etc. Go further and imagine that the FBI used this program not to gather information but to keep a person silence and to protect one their cases because of the FBI mistakes. You don't have to go far...I know they did it to me. This is not a single incident but now has become their MO and they no longer have to work at getting their information they just subject the victim to a program that never stopps and includes threats, torture, rape and sexual assaults as a means to controol the victim. Not all agents have access to this program but keep in mind those that do have been chosen for what they have but for what they lack. We have good agents intelligence agents and like any employer we have agents that have questionable ethics and who cover up their mistakes at the expense of the innocent. I owe this post to the group of men and women who chose to burn my private area over the weekend and who chose to use sexual images as a means to silence me. The threats have only convinced me to expose the truth to the public not to remain silenced as I have since 2002. Look for the complete story on You Tube.