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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Corruption Does Not Lead to a Safer America

I noticed that following the sexual assault or images that have increased and are then followed by increased threats and blackmail. I wonder why blackmail is now the course that would be used with the new programs under the Patriot Act. This is what was done to the Abru Ghrib detainees (called detainees because that would eliminate the Geneva Convention)Imagine Americans being subjected to the same abuse as a means to stop whistleblowing. Since I do not care about the threats or the blackmail I will be creating a You Tube complete with documents to support that the FBI covered up evidence in a Federal case by using this technology (Russian Based) on me. The idea is to make you appear delusional so that they can then tell anyone who questioned the evidence that it was stated by a person with a mental illness. Before I go any further I would like to let you know that they failed to make me look mentally ill and that I am and never was on any medication and was not prescribed any by any doctor. In fact I carry documents that state I have no mental illness as a result of just one attempt at discrediting me. My evidence did not make the person less guilty but instead proved that poor investigation techniques were used as there was more than one person involved. I am not alone in this method of brain mapping and fingerprinting. This is a common denominator in many cases. Some were not so lucky and were medicated and diagnosed with mental illness. You as tax-payers are their support through medicaid and disability. We do know if the technology that disorients is being used by military although it is military. It may have been used by FBI, ATF, DEA, CIA along with Homeland Security, NSA and other intelligence agencies (oxymoron). We do know that there is evidence to support that there are thousands of victims that have been subjected to a simulation of enhanced torture. This includes simulated rapes, water boarding and simulated gunshots to the head. It does create PTSD and other types of stress related illnesses. Some of these people are well known as doctors, lawyers and even a psychologist who did not go along with their program. In addition, the American Psychiatric Association has denounced the use of this technology even if it is used by the military. It seems that they have go ahead from your congress and elected officials because it is not hands on but done remotely with directed energy weapons. I believe the only way to fight this destructive behavior on the part of these agencies is to go forward with a lawyer and go public. I also believe it is time for You Tube. I think I will call Obstruction Of Justice and Secrecy. Look for the You Tube video in the near future. Recently I moved closer to family and I expect them to start their destruction of my relationship with my family at home. We shall see... WATCH FOR THE YOU TUBE. The very vivid images of sexual relations are a means to control a person as the brain reacts to this type of stimulation. They have carried this type of sexual assault along with the real sexual assault for over ten years and each year it increases and gets more sick in nature. Just like the images of the Abru Gharib detainees we are led through these mind games to believe that we are a part of some sexual game while being watched and monitored by the people behind the weapons. It is amazing and realistic but it does not do what the perverts would like it to do. These are not men and women with honor or morals they will become what they do to others later in life as we have seen an increase in abusive behavior from our military. One base in NC had over six murders in a short time. If you watch porn all day then you will begin to want to see the real deal. The same goes for these men and women who subject others to sexual abuse. It will not be long until their appetites will not be satisfied by just watching. I predict an increase in arrest by military and even intelligence. We already have seen several in Homeland Security and even Robert Hansen sold information to China and used the money to hire and watch prostitutes. Our nation is in danger and our senators and congress just doesn't care while tooting their horns about morals and ethics.