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Thursday, July 07, 2011

My letter through the ACLU

Dear Attorney General Holder,

According to The New York Times, the FBI will soon be giving its roughly 14,000 agents significant new surveillance powers.

The current guidelines already set a dangerously low threshold for beginning an investigation or conducting surveillance about individuals or groups who are not suspected of any criminal activity.

* Please personalize your message The guidelines in place now allow the FBI to collect, analyze and map racial and ethnic data about local communities, opening up the possibility that the FBI is engaging in unconstitutional racial profiling.

I don't want the FBI to have even more authority to engage in abuses.

The FBI should refrain from monitoring people unless there is reasonable suspicion that they have committed a criminal act or are taking preparatory actions to do so. I also request that you impose stronger safeguards against the FBI using race and religion as grounds for suspicion -- and that you do not permit an expansion of unchecked surveillance powers.

In 2002 I became a victim of the FBI due to the fact that I turned tapes over to the FBI that were discarded and when the case was to come before the courts they denied the tapes existed and tried to paint me as mentally ill. I am still a victim today of the remote interrogation. I have been burned and zapped with military weapons and I have been subjected to sleep deprevation as well as rumors and other Cointelpro activities. Please stop this abuse of power and make the FBI and other intelligence agencies accountable for these activities.